Our Missions

Our Missions

Incubateur by UCAC responds to the aspirations of a new generation of students and the needs of businesses through :

  • the dissemination of entrepreneurial culture in schools and universities;
  • the Support of young people in the maturation of their businesses ideas;
  • the monitoring and support of businesses in their organisation and development, making them more competitive;
  • the formalization support and funding research.


After more than 25 years of training students whose skills are widely appreciated in the workplace, the Catholic University of Central Africa is undergoing a profound change in the vocational training it offers. Particular emphasis is placed on the promotion of entrepreneurship, which in this first half of the 21st century seems to be the best option for the emergence of Africa and de facto that of the Central African States.

Awareness is raised through :

  • the organisation of meetings on the creation of successful businesses ;
  • the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture in universities and schools.

Companies support

The support of companies is done through :

  • the incubation process ;
  • support for the maturation of business ideas ;
  • appointments for individual advice ;
  • the assembly of business plans ;
  • funding research and formalization support.

Business monitoring

Business monitoring is done through :

  • support during installation ;
  • partnerships research, monitoring-evaluation, and various other training courses.

Support for business development

Support for business development is done through :

  • B to B and B to C meetings;
  • capacity building of enterprises and organisations.