Our Partners

We are open to any kind of partnership and collaboration within the framework of our activities, in order to combine our energies with institutions and/or individuals wishing to propel African youth to the top of the world.


  • State partners: for the formalization facilities and the support of created companies;
  • Technical partners: for the technical training of the entrepreneurs;
  • Financial partners and investors (Banks, NGOs, Development Organisations): to constitute a funding platform and build partnerships.


  • Financial partnership

You will have access to incubated projects with high socio-economic potential implemented throughout Central Africa.

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  • Participate in the promotion of entrepreneurship

Encouraging entrepreneurial awakening among young people through sponsoring, awareness-raising and entrepreneurial training.

  • Businesses capacity building

To become a reliable partner in supporting businesses, their development and capacity building.

Become part of our B to B and B to C networks.