Our Services

Our services

Basic Services

Incubateur by UCAC has a work space that the entrepreneurs can use to fine-tune their projects. The incubates could find a meeting room, a computer park and a high-speed internet connection.


Advice and Support Services

These advice and assistance services cover a variety of areas relating to both day-to-day and strategic issues legal advice, banking relations, accounting, strategic advice, development of business plans, marketing advice, financial advice, etc.

To deliver these services, Incubateur by UCAC uses :

  • meetings to raise awareness about business creation: this can be done through field trips, online meetings or seminars.
  • individual advice meetings: in order not only to raise awareness of business creation but also to respond to the needs of applicants in a specific way according to their needs and expectations.

Training and Coaching

Incubateur by UCAC offers a range of training courses relating to entrepreneurial and technical issues.

  • Incubation of project holders ;
  • Accompaniment during installation ;
  • Boosting businesses’ capacities.

Promoter training

The promoter’s training is largely done through the “Generate Your Business Idea” GYB training course led by certified experts of the International Labour Organization who are partners of Incubateur by UCAC. Several themes are covered, including the skills of an entrepreneur and the tools for building an entrepreneur’s capacity, as well as financial education and leadership.

Entrepreneurial trainings

Through this training, the elements that make up a good business idea are presented. Other themes are also addressed in these training courses. These can be the market, the economic, social and environmental environment, the elements of marketing. The financial aspects of the project are also addressed in the entrepreneurial training courses.

Technical Trainings

Incubateur by UCAC offers technical training courses according to the fields of activity of the incubators. These training sessions can be carried out through visits to the field to the homes of referents or through meetings with experts for advice.

Business Plan Assembly

The assembly of business plans is part of the services offered by our Incubator. However, the Incubator accompanies the entrepreneurs in the drafting of their business plans by themselves. Thus, the various training courses received (that of the promoter and entrepreneurial and technical training) aim to facilitate the drafting of business plans.


The Networking

Incubateur by UCAC promotes networking through:

  • Support for the formalization of companies ;
  • Support in the funding research: integration into financial networks ;
  • Networking according to sectors of activity is also proposed mainly through visits to referrers: B to B and B to C meetings.