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The Catholic University of Central Africa (CUAC) offers you the opportunity to build your business project and benefit from the administrative, human and financial support of its incubator.

Active since 2018, Incubateur by UCAC is a business incubator created by the Catholic University of Central Africa with the main mission of accompanying young people in the maturation of their business ideas and companies in their organisation and development in order to make them more competitive in their funding research.

Our objective is to contribute to the socio-economic development of Cameroon and even the sub-region.

This process involves the selection and support of innovative project leaders from the CUAC or even from the sub-region or those with high growth potential. Incubateur by UCAC accompanies the business creator, in this case the students (new and old) and the staff of the UCAC, through the initiation to entrepreneurship thanks to training courses, individual counselling meetings, coaching, support in the funding research, etc. It offers a familiar space, experts, entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches with whom project idea bearers find the knowledge and skills necessary for the maturation and optional implementation of their projects.

Our incubation process

The incubation process differs according to the support requested depending on whether it is students or a company.

Most of the companies that are already operational request technical assistance or assistance in finding financing, for which the Incubator follows them until they obtain convincing results.


  • Individual and collective company training courses ;
  • Incubations for the maturation of projects ;
  • Promoteur training.


  • Training courses adapted to the functions of the company (staff productivity, purchasing and stocks, marketing, bookkeeping, etc.) ;
  • Factual themes on the life of the company.

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